Monday, September 12, 2011


So TODAY is the day!!!!!!!!!!!! THEEEE DDAAAAYYYYY OF OUR ZINE EXHIBITION! Come help us raise some money for our end of year Exhibition (Illustre) eat some nibbles, drink some liquids, laugh at some zines, FUN FUN FUN!!!

We will see you at DISCO BEANS: 285 High St, Northcote, from 6pm, till 9pm!!!


We will also be selling Epicly Cool badges of our works for just $2.50!!!!!!! YOU KNOW YOU WANT SOME!!!

Here's some fun behind the scenes pics of us making em':

Monday, September 5, 2011



Thismorning I have some work from the amazing Josie Dempsey!! Enjoy!!


SOOOOoooooo in order to raise money for our Illustre exhibition we decided to have a Cupcake sale because everyone likes cupcakes right?!

Our amazing Fund-raising Team (Flick Reid, Leigh McDonald, Amy Nguyen, Lauren Matters and our Money-Man Daniel Buchanan) organised it and saw it through to the end, while the rest of us baked many a tray of cupcakes to sell.

Here is a little report from Lauren on how the fund-raiser went, and some photos:

We were pretty busy the whole time. We had people come back for seconds... and thirds... and fourths.. And teachers bought trays full!!

Daniel was there to keep an eye on the money box and ended up helping to serve when things got very busy.

Leigh and Amy went around the campus selling cupcakes to those who didn’t  come down to the canteen at lunch. They did a great job selling all except about 10.

All in all another successful Illustre fund-raiser.

It as a great day! We ended up making about $400!!! Congrats to the Fund-raising Team!!