Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Hey readers! Lauren here.

Welcome to the NMIT Illustre 2011 blog.

It is with great pleasure that I get to keep you all updated on the progress and development of our upcoming exhibition in November. I know it's ages away still but there's lots of behind the scenes stuff to get through as we all know... (and I'll gradually get this thing looking good) but for now I thought I'd just set this blog up and that way not only does it look like I'm doing something productive, it means I can also let the people know what we're up to.

Between the start of term and now, our soon to be graduating class (all talented and worthy students and illustrators I might add... Sound like I'm sucking up? Sorry!) have split into groups and are working hard coming up with ideas and plans of actions according to each of their roles and responsibilities etc. I for example am in the fundraising and screen design groups.

In fundraising, my groupees (different from groupies) have come up with a list of events and money making strategies to raise funds the group would need for making signs, getting prints, paying off the gallery fees etc. Our first event will be a cupcake stall in a few weeks.
Working on some poster illustrations for our Illustre 2011 Cupcake Stall

In screen design we'll be tackling the website, Facebook fan page and the blog. These will represent our group and our exhibition, as well serve as some form of publicity and platform for which the public can get involved or help us spread the word. Hopefully that will in the end increase the number of visitors our exhibition gets. 

Wow! I didn't really think I would write so much. Hope you weren't bored. Feel free to comment, ask questions and tell people about us and/ or  about our exhibition. Hopefully I’ll see you all this time next week.

Catch ya later!

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