Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cupcakes were a success!!

Well well well...

Today was the big cupcake sale day and boy it went well. Probably had something to do with Con putting a message up on our intranet. We had people come from all over the campus to buy cupcakes. Some even wanted boxes full of them (probably to hand to other staff members).

We started our day at around 11am. Daniel, Flick and I met in the canteen and gathered our resources. Moved a few tables and set up. Amy, Leigh and a few other classmates showed up to give us their batch of cupcakes and help write signs and label what flavoured cupcakes we had. Before we had finished setting up we had sold 3 cupcakes. I guess they were just that good!

As lunch went on we got pretty busy and sold over half of our 4 tables worth full of cupcakes. By the end of lunch though things had calmed down quite a bit. It was at that stage Leigh and Amy started walking to and around all the buildings on campus selling the rest of the cupcakes. They sold out at least 3 times before we were left with ten. After that we pretty much gave the rest away. None of us wanted to take them back home.

The day was a complete success though having raised $475.20. A job well done I'd say.

I will be back shortly to post some photos from our busy busy day!
If I think of anything else to add I'll add that too.
Hope you're all doing well and are having a great day off!


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  1. Hello Illustre-ers! Amz from last year here snoopin' around your blog (the one with pink hair, I was in charge of Design for our Illustre!). Ahh I remember our cupcake sales... We made around the same amount too! Who would have thought you could make so much money from selling cupcakes? :o

    Anywho, goodluck with the show & feel free to contact any of us from last year if you need any help- Neil has basically all of us on facebook so harass him. ;D You'll do great! I look forward to seeing your hard work pay off in November!! All the best, Amz.